Pivot Table using Sheet Summary Report

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I need to create a Pivot using a Sheet summary report as the only source file. When I go to the pivot builder I do select my report as a source, but once I move to "Assign Columns" I am not able to select any row / column / Value to populate the Pivot: if i click on "Add Field" it always shows "Empty" (which is not the case as my Sheet Summary Report has several columns).

Is this problem related to the type of report not supported by the Pivot app? If so, when will this be solved? Right now I am forced to copy/paste my report on a blank sheet to generate the pivot, which is not very efficient.

Thanks a lot for the help!


  • Hi @Viola Rurgo

    You are correct, currently this type of Report (a Sheet Summary Report) is not able to be used by any of the Premium Applications, such as Pivot (see the "note" under "Before You Begin" on this page, here: Sheet Summary Reports).

    Please let our Product Team know about your feedback by filling in this form, here.

    As an alternative, could you create a Metrics Sheet with formulas generating your data into a sheet's cells, instead of using the Sheet Summary feature?



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