New 10,000ft integration for Bridge by Smartsheet

Diana Yeh
Diana Yeh Employee
edited 09/08/23 in Product Announcements

Hi Bridge Community,

I'm excited to announce a new integration for Bridge by Smartsheet, 10,000ft!

10,000ft by Smartsheet is our resource management tool. We have an existing 10,000ft integration that allows for a panel connection between Smartsheet & 10,000ft.

This new 10,000ft integration with Bridge further expands upon the existing use cases that the 10,000ft panel already provides. With this integration, you can automate workflows between 10,000ft and Smartsheet!

Before this release, you may have needed to perform similar actions in both systems, but with this new way to connect Smartsheet and 10,000 ft, you will be able to leverage Smartsheet and 10,000ft triggers to automatically create projects, update specific project components, create assignments, and bring in reporting data! Click here to learn more about Bridge’s integrations.

Let me know in the comments if you have in questions 😀