Trouble with Move Rows automation workflow



I'm having trouble with the 'move rows' automation workflow. I've used it successfully before, but for some reason it's not working with the 2 sheets I'm using this time.

I have an 'open requests' sheet and a 'completed requests' sheet. When a set of criteria are met, I want rows to move from the open requests to the completed requests sheet. I've been trying to troubleshoot using the test row shown below (there are also additional columns not shown).

I want the row to move to the completed sheet (which is an exact copy of the open requests sheet) when the following criteria are met:

Ordered? is checked, Shipment Carrier isn't blank, tracking # isn't black, JDE Order # isn't blank, the Request Type is 'Mockup' and the Requested Delivery Date is in the past. Here's what I put in the Automation Workflow:

Any insight about where things are going wrong? I've saved & refreshed the page, I've tried re-creating the workflow, I've tried deleting cell info out of the row & re-entering it after saving the workflow. Everything I've tried still has not moved the row to the other sheet. I'm out of ideas!

Thank you for any help!