Jira connector sync status - Bad Request Field 'reporter' cannot be set


I am experiencing an issue while using jira-smartsheet connector and changing the reporter field in smrtsheet it doesn't update in Jira and sync status shows error, "Invalid response from JIRA. statusCode: 400, reasonPhrase: Bad Request Field 'reporter' cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown."

The default reporter when the issue is created from smartsheet is always 'User A' how to change it to the smartsheet logged in user though the user has permission create issue in project space in Jira ?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @VGA Smartsheet

    This error message means that you are attempting to update the Components field in Smartsheet and it is not able to sync over. Depending on the Issue Type, it's possible that the Components field is not added to the Create screen and Edit screen in your Jira Project.

    • Navigate to the issue in Jira that is throwing an error.
    • Click on the Edit button with the pencil.
    • On the top right of the Edit Issue screen there is a Configure fields option, and you should see Components checked.

    Depending on the Issue Type, there may be different fields included and Components will need to be added on the Configure fields screen, or else the Connector doesn't see the field and will throw the error.

    If you do not see Components listed then you will need to get the field added to the Edit Issue page.

    Also, if you are trying to create new Issues from Smartsheet, you will want to make sure that the Components field is added to the Create screen as well.

    • Click the Create button at the top of Jira and select the desired Issue Type.
    • Click the Configure fields option.
    • You should see that Components is checked, and you can see the Components field gets added to the Create screen.

    If you are still receiving the error message after adding Components to the Create and Edit screens, I would suggest reaching out to Smartsheet Support with screen captures and the Workflow Execution File, along with a link to the Community post, so they can troubleshoot with you one-on-one in a private channel.