Conditional formatting multiple columns at once.


I'm trying to unify our companies multiple Shift planners into a single Smartsheet one. However I'm running into multiple constraints that is making this more challenging than it has to be.

The biggest problem is the lack of the ability to conditional format multiple columns at once. I have a column for every day of the year. Each column has a dropdown of multiple types of shift.

However when I go to colour code this I have to create one rule for each column. That's 365 rules x the 7 different states. 2500+ rules is an obscene number of rules for this.

I've tried making one sheet of weeks/months, setting the rules in there, and then using it as a template to carry over the conditional formatting. This sort of works, however if i try and combine them on a report they stack ontop of eachother, and don't line up.

Is there any workarounds for this?