Creating symbols from drop down column for display within tile of Calendar App

Ami Bautista
Ami Bautista ✭✭
edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations

Not sure this ability exists... may be an enhancement request, but would value any input others might...

I would like to be able to display various symbols to represent the different drop down choices of a specific column, and then have those symbols shown on the calendar tile as applicable, with a legend then shared at the bottom, from within the multi-month or quarter view. This would be in addition to the grouping by column already enabled, in which the tiles are then colored based on that grouping. For example, if an event has a virtual booth, will be recorded, and is open to the public... all choices within a single multi-select column on the sheet, then on the calendar, I can choose "symbols", choose that column, and then choose which icons i want to have displayed for each drop down choice (similar to how you can choose colors for the group by column choices), and then have those icons display after the last set of text within each tile, with a legend of what each symbol means at the top of calendar view (multi-month and quarterly at least)