Salesforce Connector - Migrate Record ID


we are about to introduce the Smartsheet Salesforce Connector for connecting an existing Smartsheet to an existing Custom Object in Salesforce. As such, before activating the Smartsheet Workflow, I would like to pre-populate the Record ID column in Smartsheet so that the Connector is able to identify which existing rows match which existing Salesforce records.

I already do have a column calculated with the help of VLOOKUP that is matching the Salesforce Id with the help of some other external reference keys. In combination with the target Salesforce domain, I can reproduce the cell value that the Smartsheet Connector seems to expect, eg.

My issue is, that the Samartsheet Connector only seems to be working if the hyperlink cell uses the Salesforce record Id as Display Text.

As we do have thousands of rows existing already, manually modifying the display text in each row is not a viable option.

So how can I make the column display the Record Id instead of the full URL with the help of a function?

Or if I'm on the wrong path: How do others connect Salesforce with Samartsheet for existing rows/records?

Thanks for help.