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I'm posting again in the hopes that someone can help me with an issue. I have a form that is being used to route matter closing requests from the attorney to Accounting to Records. I have a number of forms that were submitted (entries in the SmartSheet) but never went to anyone in Accounting because the email was invalid. I've since corrected this email and I can still see all of the entries in the SmartSheet but I don't know how to get these actual request forms to the person in Accounting now since they were already submitted. When the attorney submits the form, the SmartSheet automatically puts the request in a state of "In Review". I don't have the option to set it back to "Submitted". When Accounting submits their approval, the request comes to me and it has a status of "Submitted" with me until I approve it and then it changes to "Approved" or "Denied". Below you can see the values I've set up in the "Closing Approval". The only ones that are generated by the workflow itself are "Approved" or "Denied", the others are manual values that I've added.

I've tried retriggering the approval by changing the logic. I've created a new column for "Resubmit" and cleared any entries in both the "Closing Approval" and Records Management Approval" fields. I set up the workflow so that if the "Resubmit" field has a "YES" in it that it would trigger the approval request from Accounting again. This didn't work.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to retrigger these requests? Is it just not an option? Do I REALLY have to have all of the requests resubmitted?!

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Chris Hockey


  • Bassam Khalil
    Bassam Khalil ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Chris Hockey 

    Hope you are fine, all that you need to do can be done by creating approval or update the request workflow with the correct sequence and trigger conditions, if you like i can design the whole system for you with reports and a dashboard to monitor all submissions. please call me on my contact to send the required information so i can do it for you.

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