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Summary Cell on a sheet that auto-adds form entries to the top row

Tamara K
Tamara K
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I have end users submitting forms and the entries are automatically added to the top row.

I don't want managers to have to do any sort of parent/child indentation work after forms are submitted, so I've added a column where I have calculated the max value of a very important column and just copied that value all the way down the column...I selected the top cell in this column and then linked it to a cell on a different sheet for reporting purposes.


It occurred to me that since I can only link a single cell to the other sheet, the more rows I add, the more the row with the linked cell is going to move further and further down the page.



-Is this going to break at some point, due to my setup?

-Is there a better way to accomplish linking the max value of a column on a sheet to a cell on another sheet while still being able to add rows to the top of the originating sheet?


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