Multiple IFs then SUM


I have developed individual project sheets. In the project sheet I have multiple tasks. I want to populate number of hours I worked on each task, by summing the number of hours I worked on that project prior to a certain date.

I keep all my hours worked on various projects in a work log which I am referencing from the individual project sheets. In my work log, I put the date in the [Date] column, the name of the project I worked on in the [Note] column, and the hours I worked on the project that day in the [Hours] column.

So, in the worklog, for the rows that are between a certain date range in the [Date] column AND for the rows that also have the "specific project name" in the [Note] column, then SUM the corresponding hours from the [Hours] column and populate the cell in the individual project sheet.

For example:

IF [REF:Date] is between 1/1/21 to 1/29/21 AND IF [REF:Note] = "Name Project Work", then SUM [REF:Hours]

I have tried multiple ways to do this using SUMIF and IF/AND statements but I keep getting an "unparseable" return error.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can do this? Thank you!


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