Optimise Power automate for extract smartsheet

Hi, i would like to know how we could optimize the extract provess on power automat ? Today i'm using a power automate with HTTP connector and make a full extract of many smartsheet on O365 excel. It takes actually more than 5 hours to extract 35 smartsheet projects... I'm looking to improve that but i don't know how. Thank you for your help if you get a guide or somthing about this...



  • Hi Jeremy,

    Could you set-up your 35 projects to automatically send Excels to a generic O365 inbox and then use Power Automate grab the Excel Attachements, and save them to SharePoint, OneDrive, etc?

    I use a system like this to archive some sheets daily so that I have an archived daily copy and in a different set-up, I use it to update the same file on an hourly basis.

    It feels like an inelegant solution, but it has proven fairly reliable.



  • Hi Adam, that is a good idea thank you, but the Excel automation result into the inbox doesn't copy the Row ID & Column ID.

    My process is to get the full extract with Column & Row id. Because i use that excel to go into a sub Project tools and make an Inbound process to update progress.

    POwer automate is very slow to manage Loops to get all data row. I was looking to get update on Smartsheet or O365 Connectors but it doesn't seems to come.