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Feature Request: Google Chat

Tyrell Ross
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I was thrilled to read the Smartsheet blog about the new integration with Skype for Business Online that allows users to live chat through Smartsheet and have those conversations automatically saved to the comments in a sheet. This is such a valuable tool for many users and wanted to know if there are any more integrations like this coming down the pipeline. 


I know that Smartsheet also offers the ability to use Google Hangouts and that Artur Trzebunia made a similar feature request a couple of years ago so I wanted to see what progress has been made, as I think the addition of a Google chat integration would be very helpful to a great number of people. Is there anything in the pipeline for a Google chat integration or any other chat integrations in the future?





  • Hi Tyrell,


    I'm glad to hear you're excited about the Skype for Business integration. A deeper Google Hangouts integration is something we're very interested in pursuing and it's on our roadmap. There are some limitations to the Hangouts API that we used for the existing Hangouts integration that prevent us from building deeper functionality like with Skype for Business. We're working with Google now to drive these kinds of features in future integrations, so this feedback is super helpful.


    Thank you,


  • Thanks Chris! I'm glad to know that it's on the roadmap. 

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