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Hi. I had an automation set up to "Request an Update" that would send an email if someone filled out a form. The email would come from "Info via Smartsheets".

Today, I adjusted the automation and changed the setting from "Request an Update" to "Alert Someone". When I did that, the emails started coming from the login account that was used to fill out the form.

I am not sure why it would change simply because I went from "Request an Update" to "Alert Someone". Also, I've done some research and it is my understanding that the sender account should be the same as the sheet owner. Info remains the owner...

Any ideas on how I can get it back to Info?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @David Schwam

    The sheet owner will appear as the sender name when the notification email delivers the following:

    • An alert triggered by multiple users’ changes in your sheet
    • A reminder (a time-based alert)
    • An update request
    • An approval request

    When an alert is triggered by a single user’s change(s) in your sheet, that user will appear as the sender name for the notification email. (See the Release Notes page on this feature, here: Personalized Sender Name and Reply-To for Notification Emails.)

    Could you adjust your workflow to be a time-based alert (see here) instead of sending when triggered?



  • Andrew Davidson

    @Genevieve P. this is definitely a nice change from the reply-to perspective! It would be ideal if the reply to could be customized. I setup and manage automations for several departments which results in potentially hundreds of notifications sent weekly. Consequently, I receive (and reiterate correct procedures) and forward many of the responses that come in. Is this something that is / could be possible? Appreciate any insight you may have - I love seeing all the great enhancements that have come over the years!

  • JamieLim
    JamieLim ✭✭✭

    Hi, previously when we get email notification on "Request to join SMartsheet account", the sender would should the email address of sender via Smartsheet <> and this email address matches the Reply To email address.

    However, in early Nov 2023, we noticed that we see the sender as " via Smartsheet"<> and this email is different from the Reply To email. This is not even a user in our Smartsheet Account.

    Any idea what could be the issue and how to resolve it?