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Page Layout with a table and summaries


Smartsheet often shows a nice calculation at the top of a sheet.  Say a list of dealers.  The first five lines of the sheet have a nice summary box with the number of dealer in each state calculated or soemthing like that.

Now the sheet column headers are really matching the data table not the summary table.  So name, address, state.....


If you do the summary table in those first few lines, then someone does a sort on the date table by the only way they can soting the column at the header, then the summary table gets messed up.


I don't get how to layout a sheet so one can do summaries and not have them get messed up if a user wants to do the logical thing like sort.


Some say do reports - but the reports are still pulling the summaries from a calculation that has to be located somewhere - where so as not to stop the full function of the sheet and data is the questions.


Ideas or examples?


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