How to share reports/dashboards with the filter on Current User, without sharing the source sheet?



I'd like my team members to have access to HR information in a Dashboard, but only info concerning them (current user) should be displayed.

I created a sheet, no one but me, has access to, listing all my team members. Then, I created a report and added a filter "Team member - Has any of - Current User". Finally, I created a dashboard and added this report to it.

But because they don't have access to the source sheet, they can't see the report (even if in a Workspace they have access to), nor the Dashboard.

Is there a way to give access to a report/dashboard with this filter, without giving access to the source sheet? The idea is to maintain only 1 sheet with all the HR info and 1 report, and not one for each team member.

Thanks a lot!

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