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I am attempting to automate the updating of dates in Salesforce from Smartsheet using the connector. I have done an initial test after mapping the fields and it works great to the connector sheet. However, once I linked the cells in the connector sheet to the tracking sheets (also in Smartsheet) where the dates will be updated regularly, that's when I started to have a problem. It worked at first but it seems like when the connector is triggered, it's deactivating the cell link between the Smartsheet sheets.

This totally defeats the purpose of how we intend to use this connector.

Has anyone run into this issue? Is this just a limitation of the connector or am I missing something?


  • Hey @Kelly Gabel ,

    I can confirm that Outbound/Inbound Cell Links will be "unlinked" if they are updated via the Salesforce Data Connector. We don't currently have the functionality for Cell Links to persist after an update from the connector, but you may submit an Enhancement Request via this form for our Product Team to consider for development. We appreciate your input!

    As a possible solution, you can leverage our Premium App: Data Mesh which can automatically keep data consistent between two Sheets without the use of Cell Links. If your plan includes this application, you may access it here: or reach out to your System Admin about acquiring it.

    We typically communicate about new or improved features once they've been released. Depending on the nature of the changes, we announce through email, in-product messaging, or via announcements here within Smartsheet Community.

    At any time, you can see a list of past updates in our Release Notes( on the Smartsheet website.

    I hope this helps!


  • Kelly GabelKelly Gabel ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thank you for letting me know. This is quite discouraging. We specifically purchased this connector to be able to aggregate data from multiple trackers onto one sheet that then transfer the data over to Smartsheet. We were never told that cell links would reset every time the connector was triggered...I'll keep researching but I highly doubt management will authorize yet another premium app for this feature...

  • Hi @Kelly Gabel

    Would you be able to clarify exactly how your configuration is set up? Are you updating cells in Smartsheet from Salesforce, or updating Salesforce from Smartsheet? (One way or two way?)

    I would suggest reaching out to your Customer Success Manager to run through your process and clarify if it can be done with the Salesforce connector.



  • Kelly GabelKelly Gabel ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Genevieve P The data is typically moving from Smartsheet to Salesforce, but the connector is configured bi-directional so that we get the automated triggering. I have already received confirmation from the Smartsheet team that the sheet format resetting (for lack of better term) is a limitation of the feature. I'm just hoping to find a workaround that doesn't require us to purchase another premium app.

    I do have a session with out Customer Success Manager next week and this is on the agenda...just doing all my research in advance.


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