The new Smartsheet experience



  • My biggest issue is the left nav bar - I can't hide it. I need to share my screen with clients, and they shouldn't see the names of other sheets in my nav bar, they have other client names.

    If I have time before the meeting, I open all sheets in separate tabs, which isn't wonderful, but at least I protect the confidentiality of my other clients.

    Is there a better way? I'm very open to suggestions - I can't believe I'm the only one with this issue.

  • And here I thought it was just me. The headers take up so much room! We have to be able to adjust them.

    You have made Smartsheet so difficult to use now. I can only see 4 rows at a time now.

  • A01-TT
    A01-TT ✭✭

    Exactly the same problem here!, please Smartsheet devs., help us by giving us the headers as they were before your update (not friendly), thanks for your asap response, God bless u.

  • BAD, BAD, BAD - most of my column headers are gone and it is taking so much time to try to remember what in the world the data is in the columns that are no longer labeled! Yuck, roll back please!😕

  • I'm not one for posting, but this change was so unnecessary and such a poor user experience that I had to say something

    Simply put, can the changes be reverted or at least have a toggle so that people can choose to embrace them at a later point rather than causing havoc with well established plans, reports, dashboards et al?

    It would be interesting to understand the results of user testing that formed the basis of a green light to launch this product - judging by the comments to date, the testers weren't representative of your community. I understand the methodology to 'fix-forward', but this should be weighed against the burden forced upon a loyal community who were extremely happy prior to the change

  • I'm going to reach out to support, BUT...wondering if anyone else noticed that if they happen to be able to finish a successive task early, and mark it complete, if the predecessor of that task is updated, the date of the completed task is changed - even though it's marked 100% complete. I went on PTO for a week and came back and made one update that extended my timeline 6 months because it changed the dates of EVERYTHING.

  • My thoughts/disappointment concur with all the points made already - the changes are infuriating and Smartsheet has become a thief of time as a result!!! In addition, another big concern for me is that the performance seems to have been impacted. No, it's not my internet connection, or other things running (not that this should be an issue!) - even running by itself, Smartsheet now often becomes slow to respond or freezes. The UI is buggy too - it's suddenly easy to accidentally drag fields, or make an unwanted format change. Honestly, how one can make such a major backwards step without across-the-board customer consultation, I don't understand. Even free software like Google gives the option to preview a new version and return to classic if preferred, as well as polling all users for beta feedback. I'm sorry but I can't help thinking that the UIs being turned out now (not just this one, but generally) are expedited by youngsters who have excellent tech skills but no experience of business use , desktop environments and mature processes. Where are the mentors and customer experience experts?

  • Cody Holmes
    Cody Holmes ✭✭✭✭

    I really like the new look with the new icons. Very colorful and vibrant. Of course, I do feel the rub of getting used to a new system -- much like when your preferred grocery store changes its layout. That's just the nature of change, though.

    I do want to echo some other people's thoughts. I think the spacing is much worse than it originally was. There is too much padding in the menus, which feels limiting of the more important stuff, the areas where most of the work is going on. I would like to see the spacing changed back to the original or designed where there is much more space than the original layout.

  • Hello All,

    I agree with many of the comments here, the new UI is not well thought out in terms of how it will impact user experience.

    Since there has not been an official response, I have some tips that will hopefully help some of you. First, in the bottom left corner, fortunately there is an option to full screen your view so you can get rid of all the clutter.

    Secondly, for those commenting on the size of the headers, this is definitely true, but for the most part, you can mitigate most of this by dragging any headers with text spanning multiple lines vertically, to the right. If you have a sheet with many headers, look for any with a lot of text in the header where you can drag to the right to reduce the overall height of the top header row.

    Hopefully some of these tips will be helpful for those with these kinds of comments, but I do think there should be an easier way to collapse the side bar without needing to full screen and some consideration for the changes in dimensions.