Is there a way to include the Sheet Name as a variable in a message?


Based on this KB article (Dynamically Add Cell Data in the Subject and Body of Request Messages) I know that we can include the names of columns (like {{Name}}), but I want to update the subject to include the name of the sheet itself (like {{Sheet_Name}}.

Context: We have created a contact list template, that has a form created for it. When the template sheet gets copied it includes the form and the notification workflow. Our process is to update the name of the newly created sheet (from the template) to include the name of the project (like “ACME - Contacts”). When someone from ACME submits their contact information on the form, I want the Automation workflow to Alert me with a custom message that says something like:

New {{Sheet_Name}} Entry: {{Name}}

The problem is that I get an error that says “Sheet_Name” does not exist on the sheet. Please ensure spelling is correct.

I know that the Sheet Name does exist, I just can’t figure out the right name for it (and I tried a few). I know this because if you delete the custom message altogether, the email message that comes in has a subject that says:

Changes to TEMPLATE PROJECTNAME - Contacts: Project Manager

Where “TEMPLATE PROJECTNAME - Contacts” is the name of the sheet, and “Project Manager” is the first field on the sheet. This is close to what we want, but not exactly.

Which brings me back to the original question:

Is there a way to include the Sheet Name as a variable in a message?

If so, what is the variable I can include (wrapped in double-handlebars) for the Sheet Name?