Dynamic View Comments notifications for DV users without sheet access

Answered - Pending Review

Hi Everyone - i know this has been asked before but having trouble finding out if/when this might be fixed and i couldn't respond to the thread to ask...

We are trialling Dynamic View and have set up some profiles or "view" with comments enabled. We've found out you can tag someone in the comments in DV (although it doesn't auto-fill the contact like in the sheet) who is shared to the sheet and they will receive a notification but it will direct them to the sheet rather than DV. Someone who is not shared to the sheet will not receive a notification, but can still reply in DV - is there a fix in progress to look into sending a notification to non shared person with a link to DV?

We want to enable non sheet users to be able to have a both way conversation in the comments but also be notified and direct them to their DV to be able to reply. It seems a bit pointless if they have to go in and manually check for responses.



  • Hi @Jenny McFarland

    What about setting up a notification (in the sheet) with the trigger set to when comments are added? That way your users don't have to @mention an email and you can put the direct URL to the Dynamic View in the subject of the alert.

    Alerts can be sent out to users who aren't shared to the sheet, and you can customize it (see here) to exclude the sheet link from the message if you'd like. Would that work for you?

    Please also fill out the Enhancement Request form to let the Product team know about your use-case and request.

    Thank you!


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