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Dashboard chart values too large

Jill Freuden
Jill Freuden ✭✭✭
edited 03/15/24 in Education

I've created a dashboard for our campus to show how much of our Fall schedule will be taught in person vs online. The total of all the data is 100%, yet the stacked bar chart goes to 120%. Fortunately, the legend is light and hard to see, but still, we are a university, so I should be able to do an accurate chart. I'm pulling the data off of a report, though I originally entered it in a sheet where I verify that the numbers add up to 100%. I have two versions of the chart in dashboards, one for all campuses and one just for Pullman campus. Here are links to the published versions: https://registrar.schedule.wsu.edu/students/campus/ and https://registrar.wsu.edu/. The extra space looks funny and I'd like to remove it and put the dates the data is updated on the right, but need the chart larger first so have the update dates at the bottom. Any suggestions for improving the way this looks are appreciated.

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