Salesforce Connector - Using "Assigned To" field for automated alert

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I have an "Assigned To" column mapping both ways from SS to SF for a services team project estimation process. In Smartsheet, the "Assigned To" field has the employee name and email and automated alerts are sent when someone is assigned.

However, when the data pushes from Salesforce to Smartsheet, the "Assigned To" name loses the email value since Salesforce only pushes over the text. Is there a different Salesforce field type that would accommodate this?

If not, I see the following options:

  1. Add a new column for Assigned To Email (and re-setup alerts based on that).
  2. Update the mapping so that Assigned To pushes from Smartsheet to Salesforce only (though the client doesn't want this option based on their process needs).
  3. After the new record is created from Salesforce, update the Assigned To field in Smartsheet to the user name with email version (my only worry is that the updated field in Smartsheet may be overwritten later from the Salesforce data format in the future).

@Ben G - Your answer in this post recommends a separate Smartsheet field for assignee email. Do you have any other insight or thoughts on my question? Thank you!

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    Option 4: Keep the current column as the contact, and then create a new column that brings in the name from Salesforce. Then you would create a formula to update the contact in the current column based on what the salesforce-connected column populates. That way, you do not have to update your alerts, and hopefully you only need to update one connector.