Salesforce Connector & Smartsheet


I've been reading into the Salesforce Connector for Smartsheet and had a question that I can't really find a clear answer on. Is there a way to assign tasks through Smartsheet that would then send a notification through salesforce letting them know they have a task assigned to them. I want others in our office to be able to complete and do the tasks within salesforce, but myself and my team manage the project and timeline through Smartsheet.

Is this possible? Let me know if you need more information or clarification on what we are looking to do.




  • Hi @Kayla Cina,

    If you're looking to be able to receive Salesforce notifications based off of actions triggered in Smartsheet, this would need to be configured on the Salesforce side of the integration. However, you should be able to configure the Salesforce Connector workflow to include a field with a link to a particular Salesforce record. If you also include an "assignee email" field, you could then set up an Automation workflow in Smartsheet to alert the assignee and include a link to the salesforce record when rows are changed and when those changes meet the specified trigger criteria.

    I hope this helps!