Working Offline with Smartsheet

I love all the new updates that Smartsheet as integrated, however is there any timeframe as to when SS will have the capability to work offline? I know you can export your SS work to Excel make changes offline and then import it back into SS once you have connectivity - but I have to admit it would be great to have the ability to just make changes from within SS offline and have it update upon connectivity without having to export/import every time.



  • Mark Cronk
    Mark Cronk ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @John Ciarrochi ,

    Great question. Appreciate you throwing it out to the Community. Personally, I don't have a good use case for offline work. We are so connected that being online is rarely an issue. For many of our uses, having realtime updates is why we value Smartsheets. I'm curious to hear what others think and what kind of offline use cases there are.


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  • We have employees that do service work in buildings where there aren't great internet connections. We are using forms to capture the work being done. Without internet access, our teams are unable to provide the information we are trying to gather.

  • Same. There are parts of the building I work in that don't have internet access. I work at a big, well-funded university, but improving internet access in these areas in this specific building is not a priority. So either I work offline, or I come up with clunky work-arounds. The ability to work offline would be of tremendous benefit.

  • To be able to work offline is a PLUS - I am just getting back into using SS - and I am travelling via plane and car - would be great if I can use that travel time to work off line and have the functionality to sync once im online.

  • NathanC
    NathanC ✭✭

    Walking onto a new jobsite on the first day and opening up you laptop to realize that your hotspot has no connectivity has the potential for my business to loose thousands of dollars of work hours over time. It has reached a point that I am looking at other options other than smartsheets.

  • My Team and I were using Smartsheet for project commissioning instead of some of the commissioning software available. They all can save offline and sync later, but SS does not. This has made SS useless for us to build and grow our use case. We work on many projects where network connection is unavailable because a network still needs to be built, or it's a government site blocking outside the internet. Whatever we would use smartsheet in more of our processes, the ability to save to a SS was available.

  • I would like the option to use all the functions of Smartsheet without cloud storage of the data. Could the reminders work if the sheets were stored locally?

  • do we reallly need to explain why this is needed? :-(