Calendar App End Dates and Assigning Tasks

Katherine Britt
Katherine Britt ✭✭✭✭
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I am having 2 issues with the calendar app...

1) I need to add rows to a sheet via the calendar app. But it is not allowing me to add rows because I have dependencies enabled on the sheet. Is there a way for me to update the end dates in the calendar App?

2) I am not able to assign tasks to teammates via the calendar. The dropdown options are not showing in the calendar app. Any suggestions?



  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Katherine Britt

    1) Yes! You can add rows via the Calendar app, even if you have dependencies enabled. The way to do this would be to add the Start Date and the Duration, which will then automatically create the End Date for you (after the row is submitted).

    With dependencies enabled, End dates of sub-tasks aren't editable from a report, a row update request, the iOS app or the Android app. (See: Project Sheet Columns: Start Date, End Date, Duration, % Complete and Predecessors.) The Calendar App works in the same way, which is why you need to add the Duration instead.

    2) In regards to the drop-down list, Contact fields won’t show the display name (or First & Last name of a contact), but instead will show the email address of the user. The default list should show you the users in your company's organization.

    However, if you have other contacts that you want to assign rows to (users who aren't part of your company's plan), you should be able to type in their full email address and assign rows to them that way. This will then appear as the correct Contact type of value in the underlying sheet.

    Let me know if you're receiving an error or something unexpected when you type in their email address and I'm happy to help further!



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