Multi-Select Form Enhancements

Caroline Sheldon
Caroline Sheldon Employee
edited 05/21/21 in Product Announcements

Hi Community,

I’m pleased to tell you about two enhancements for forms that a number of you have requested.

First, you can now display your multi-select dropdown lists as checkboxes. This is a great way to help respondents fill in those fields faster (You can still display multi-select lists as dropdowns if you prefer). 

Second, last month we added the option to set multiple default values for a multi-select dropdown list or contact list with multi-assign enabled. Like checkboxes, the default values can help reduce the time it takes people to fill out your form. You can also hide a multi-select field to easily add the same values to the corresponding column in your sheet every time the form is submitted.

Learn more about forms in our Learning Center.

As always, thank you to everyone who takes the time to send us feedback about forms. We read everything you send us and factor it into our roadmap decisions.