approval when a row is marked complete


I am trying to add an approval when a specific row is marked complete. I do not see a way to do that. I want to add sign-off of a phase when the milestone is complete (eg. Task = QA complete Status = complete) Is there a way to do that?

Donna Allen


  • Matt Travis


    You can do an approval based on a specific change yes. You will need to go to "Automation" at the top of the screen, then near the bottom there is "Set up an approval workflow". From there set up the trigger similar to below. You can make the trigger when a row is changed specifically or like below when a row is added or changed. Then in the when box choose your QA complete status and in "changes to" select complete. Then you can set up the conditions of the approval itself further down, sending it a particular person or multiple people for approval and then below that select what happens when this is approved or declined.

    Hope this helps :)

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    Yes, you can add conditions in the Workflow, so a condition could be the task's title.

    Make sense?

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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