Automatically Select Contact With Column Formula



I am fairly new to smartsheet so I apologize if this is a basic question.

I am trying to automatically populate a contact column with a single contact indefinitely. For context, it's just so that in a separate report that pulls from many sheets, a filter that only allows a row assigned to a contact to be shown can be applied.

I understand that when referencing a contact in a formula, you have to reference a contact cell that has been manually selected. For example you couldn't select a contact with the following formula:

IF([Task Name]@row, "Eric")

Since this would just print Eric and not select the contact named Eric.

To populate all the rows that aren't empty I used the ISBLANK condition and I tried to create a column formula that referenced a filled out contact cell in another column:

IF(ISBLANK([Task Name]@row), " ", Contact1)

But it gave me an error because you can't select to always reference a single cell in a column formula and it has to reference a cell @row.

Finally the only solution that worked was to create a separate "Contact Book" sheet which had a filled out contact cell:

=IF(ISBLANK([Task Name]@row), " ", {Contact Book Range 2}

This seems crazy that I have to create a separate sheet to reference just to populate an entire column with the same contact. Is there something I'm missing, or any easier ways of accomplishing this?

All help is appreciated!


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