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We have two team members with the same Smartsheet access across reports, dynamic views, sheets, dashboards, notifications and workapps. However, Smartsheet recognises one of their email addresses in all platforms but not the other. For example, in workapps and dynamic view, when you type in the persons name to share access, one of their names appears and the other doesn’t. I’ve ‘forced’ this by manually entering the email address however, the team member still cannot see any detail – all the reports and views are blank. They can get into the view but none of the information is showing but their counterpart can see everything.

Further, I have added the team member who cannot see the detail into a contact list in my sheets in an attempt to trigger it in the lists. They now appear within sheet drop downs but do not receive any notifications despite having editing access and the sheet is shared with the permissions 'users shared to this sheet'.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated please!

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