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Hi All

Is it possible to change the linked sheet in the email that is received through the automation workflow?

Here is my challenge

// Automation - IF Status Change from GREEN to RED THEN notify individual and COPY ROW(s) to task sheet

Notification Email - Hi [Name] the following items have changed status, please review


The email includes the MASTER SHEET, however I would like to use the sheet that has the details copied to so as to make it easier for the recipients to see their actions rather than scroll through the data to find the rows and to preserve my main data sheet

Is it possible to direct them to the TASK SHEET (in this instance) or does the automatic email always go back to where the workflow is created?

Will I have to reverse engineer this so that the automation works from the TASK SHEET once any instances that meet said criteria (i.e. any new rows added from MASTER FILE) have been added?



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