IF and OR nested functions for setting Due Dates based on Project Size

Cameron Lessey
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Hi folks,

I've been Googling around to try and find some information regarding my challenge.

Basically I need to set up this formula to assign a Projected Due date based firstly on the Date of Submission (Date Column) +5 days for a small project or +10 days for a Large project. I have columns filled through for entry for the project size, a dropdown box within the same row that states whether "Large" or "Small".

I've created this function to handle the IF portion for Small Projects:

=IF([Project Size]@row = "Small", (WORKDAY([Date of Submission]1, +5)))

And this one for "Large" projects:

=IF([Project Size]@row = "Large", (WORKDAY([Date of Submission]1, +10)))

How can I combine these two into a single formula?

Here's what I have tried that returns UNPARCEABLE:

=IF(OR([Project Size]@row = "Small", (WORKDAY([Date of Submission]1, +5),(=IF([Project Size]@row = "Large", (WORKDAY([Date of Submission]1, +10))))

The end goal is to set an Automation reminder for the Reviewer if the 'Projected Completion Date' is passed and the 'Review Completed' box is not set to 'Yes'

Thanks in advance!!

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