Embedding Calendar View to Confluence Page

Is it possible to embed a Calendar View from Smartsheet to a Confluence page? Would like to be able to maintain an events calendar in Smartsheet and have it update in Confluence.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Liana Lin

    Yes! This article has steps on how to embed a Published link from Smartsheet into Confluence: Reduce App Overload with Smartsheet & Confluence

    1. Enable the HTML Macro in Confluence.
    2. Publish your Smartsheet sheet. You will end up with a publicly accessible URL.
    3. Log in to Confluence and go to the page where you would like to embed the published Smartsheet content.
    4. Edit the page.
    5. Add an HTML Macro on the page and add the following iFrame, making sure to change the URL from step two to the SRC parameter.

    You would want to set the default view for the Published link to be Calendar View:

    Let me know if this works for you.



  • Liana Lin
    Liana Lin
    edited 07/08/21


    Thanks for the reply! Perhaps I am missing a step or that HTML Macros is not enabled (I'm not an admin).

    1. I published the Smartsheet as shown in your screenshot
    2. I searched for "HTML" under macros and the only one that came up was "Text".
    3. The calendar view appeared under Preview but when I insert it in the Confluence page, it displays the Text macro icon. Then when I click "update", I get a blank box.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Liana Lin

    I would get in touch with your admin about this, as it sounds like the HTML macro hasn't been enabled for your account.

    "HTML macros are disabled by default. The HTML macro will only be available if it has been enabled by an administrator."

    See this article from Confluence Support: How to embed Smartsheets in Confluence using the HTML Macro

    I hope this helps!



  • Hi @Liana Lin

    I realize it's been a couple of months since you posted your question, but I hope my answer can be useful to other users as well.

    If for some reason your admin does not want to enable the HTML Macro, and there may be some security reasons (like Cross-Site-Scripting) behind that, I can recommend using an app from the Atlassian Marketplace my company published earlier this year. Without too much focus on it, we're seeing that large companies are happy to use it to make the Smartsheet content they share on Confluence more usable.

    When you use the Smartsheet for Confluence app, you will have different options:

    • sharing a link for a calendar view, as explained above
    • enabling users to choose their view directly on Confluence.

    Hope this helps!