@ functionality not showing contact

one of my users has issues when trying to use the @ functionality that sometimes certain users do not show up for her to tag. Other times on the same sheet the person shows up. When I check on my instance the person is always there. Any advice?


  • Hey @Kenneth Green,

    Typically the Conversations feature can only be used between Users Shared to the Sheet, if they are not, a prompt will appear asking for them to be Shared to it. If you find that some Users do not appear in the list of people to Tag, they are most likely not Shared to the Sheet or are not under your Organization's Smartsheet Account. I recommend reviewing our Help Article: Have Conversations in the Context of Your Work for details and instructions on this topic.

    It is important to note that you can Tag Users that do not appear within the list by typing @+Email Address (@[email protected]).

    If you do find that there are inconsistencies with this feature, feel free to contact Smartsheet Technical Support for further guidance: https://help.smartsheet.com/contact

    I hope this helps!


  • Kenneth Green
    Kenneth Green ✭✭✭✭

    @Jaykel T. I think that helps, he is not a user, but someone shared the sheet with him. I added him as an unlicensed user, so hopefully that will clear up the problem.

    Along the same lines, I have another issue. One of our users was one time sent an @ mention but they gave a wrong email address (close to regular spelling but wrong domain). Often now when a person tries to @ mention him they will choose the wrong email address. The email is not listed as a user, and the sheet is not shared to the wrong user address. How can I delete the @ user from the sheet so they are no longer getting the wrong email address chosen?

  • Hey @Kenneth Green,

    If the Email Address is not Shared to the Item/Workspace it resides in or is not part of your Organization's Plan, they should not appear within the Tag List. Even if they were Shared and then Unshared, their Email Address should be removed from the list automatically.

    As this behavior does sound unexpected, I do recommend creating a ticket with the Smartsheet Technical Support Team.