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Filters and sharing as an Viewer

Artisan Admin
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

We have a new user with with Admin privileges to their workspace.  Their workspace has a sheet and a report.  Their report includes data from their sheet, which they need to be able to edit from the report, but needs to also include some data, from another sheet in a workspace that we do not wish to share with the user.  They should also not be able to edit this data.  I have shared the sheet with the user with Viewer only permissions.  This works pretty well as the data comes in from both sheets with the edit and view privileges as wanted.  The problem is that if the user clicks the view button from the report and then chooses to open the shared sheet at the bottom of the view dialog box, everything in the sheet is available for the user to see.  I can apply a filter on the sheet, but even with Viewer only privileges, the users can take the filter off to see all the data in the sheet which is used by multiple users on the team.

Any suggestions?


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