Dashboard Form Widget - Product Enhancement

I am sure that I am not the only one that has copied a dashboard with needing to go back and edit the "web content" widget which contains a Smartsheet form. It seems like this is one of the few things that does not update when you copy a folder containing your sheet, form, report, and dashboard. Thus, if you have updated everything except for your "web content" widget, any responses submitted to your form go to the old sheet and not your new sheet.

It would be great to have the ability to either save as new (copy a folder) that contains a dashboard and sheet (containing a form), that has a form embedded on the dashboard, to automatically update the form url with the form from the new/copied sheet. 

Another option, would be to have the ability to embed specific forms as one of the widgets, similar to how a report or sheet can be selected. This would allow copied dashboards and sheets to have the copied/new forms instead of the forms/links from the old sheet and dashboard.

I have submitted a product enhancement and would encourage others to do the same (https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/739aa75f30ca43a8a22eb53e4da7d409). Thank you!


  • I agree...

    I honestly think the new Dashboard UI has caused a lot of functionality issues that didn't exist before.

    The widget builder for the new UI has to be where a lot of problems are starting. I cannot modify linked attachments on an existing dashboard. I have to delete the old link and rebuild the widget each time. Before, I would copy an old dashboard and modify it to make a new one with the same format. Now, it's not worth the time.