Active turn around times by status of a row

I was wondering if theres a way/formula to track the amount of time a line stays in a certain status.

For example - If we are using a line to track the life cycle of a contract we would have a created date field and a contract status field. The status field would consist of fields like "Contract Review" "Legal Review" "On Hold" and "Completed". We only want to see how long of a duration that contract stayed under the contract review status(not counting any days that row is in legal review or on hold. A contract would have an end date of the time it was moved into a completed status

Is this something that can be built out in one of these sheets?


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    Hi @Scott Czaja

    Hope you are fine, you can do that by using the following helper columns an formulas to track each status:

    Add a Helper column call it ( Contract Review End Date ) Date type column then create a workflow to Record the date when the contract status change from contract review to any other step and use the following formula to calculate the duration :

    In contract review duration = [Contract Review End Date] - [Created Date]

    you can do that to monitor all steps duration.

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