Is there a way to create a Smartsheet based multi-tier Ticketing System


Hi Smartsheet Community,

I trust you are all well. I am looking for some guidance to whether the below system will be possible to manage in Smartsheet.

I am looking to create a multi-tiered Ticketing System consisting of 30+ Local Site systems, each separate to one another and managed by local site admins. Each of these independent Smartsheets will have instances where entries may need raised to a centralized Escalation Team - another Smartsheet managed by a Global Admin for issues to be managed.

Can this be done in an automated manner via Smartsheet linkage? i.e. something along the lines of; If Local Admin marks local ticket as Escalation Required, this can be automatically pulled through to the Global Smartsheet?

I have a current Ticketing System which is operational for one local site, looking for options to scale the system to a multi-site (Gobal) system.

Any guidance or assistance will be greatly appreciated

Kind Regards


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