Connect sheets without manual cell linking

I have a project roadmap (activity name, start date, end date, etc) and then a separate sheet where we want to pull from the existing project roadmap. With roadmaps, information is always changing or being added and I want the separate sheet to be able to live update when changes are made. I don't think an automated workflow will work because when a row is added or changed, it just creates a new line item. Instead, I would want the change to be reflected live within the same cell. I want to avoid manual cell linking because then someone will have to go in and link the cells whenever a new row is added. I don't believe cross sheet reference will accomplish my goal because there aren't formulas involved and cell linking is too manual because there will be line item additions in different sections. Is there a solution to this?

To summarize, the goal is to have the separate sheet update live based on changes in the original sheet (e.g. an additional project activity is added, start date, end date and this needs to be reflected in the separate sheet; start date changes on an existing activity and that change needs to be reflected in the separate sheet).


  • Jennifer Greenough
    Jennifer Greenough Overachievers Alumni


    I would consider either a report (if you need a subset of information and are not adding additional columns) or a Index:Match. I'm having trouble advising on which would work best as there isn't quite enough information on your use case in the question. Happy to help further if you want to share a bit more.


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