Help! Lost Dates/Predecessors When Moving Rows to Another Sheet

Laurie Gendron
edited 08/12/21 in Smartsheet Basics

Hello! I have almost 300 rows I just moved from one sheet to another (all columns the same) and when the data was uploaded to the new sheet, all the date and predecessor information was left blank. How do I undo this move to get all my dates back? I'm freaking out!

*Edit- I did fill out a support ticket, but I don't know how long it will take for a response, so I'm hoping the genius minds here can help while I wait


  • MCorbin
    MCorbin Overachievers Alumni

    If you moved the rows, not copied, the only way I know of is to restore a backup - IF you had backups enabled.

    **This is exactly the reason that I have a policy at my company that all sheets must be saved in a Workspace and all workspaces must be shared with System Admins (a group I set up) with Admin Privileges.