Calendar View - can't drag tasks when Due Date uses WorkDay function?


My SmartSheet has Task Due Dates that are calculated using the WorkDay function. For example, if a recurring monthly task is due on WorkDay 1, that calculated Task Due Date would become Monday, January 3rd, rather than Saturday, January 1st. Approaching the dates in this way makes it easy for us to rollover the Task List to the next month on a recurring basis, as the tasks are all due on a fixed Workday.

When I switch from Task View to CALENDAR VIEW, I'd like to be able to DRAG the various tasks around to different Task Due Dates, rather than having to go into each task to change its Workday, and then have SS auto-calculate the Task Due Date again. In other words, when working in the Calendar View, I want to do the reverse ... I want to change the Task Due Date and have SS in turn auto-calculate the WorkDay it is due.

However I am unable to do that, apparently because the Task Due Date is CALCULATED, rather than being a "hard entered" Task Due Date.

Anyway around this limitation?

I investigated a worksheet automation, but couldn't find a workaround


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Stevelin

    As you've found, there isn't a way to both use a formula to calculate a date and manually change this date as well (which is what dragging the task around would do in the Calendar view).

    That said, you don't have to have a formula applied to an entire column: you could make it a Cell Formula instead. If you only have a few tasks that you want to have set with a formula, you can place the formula in those rows. Then all the other rows can be updated manually, either in the Grid or in the Calendar view.

    Would that work for you? If not, it would be helpful to see screen captures of your current set up, in both views, but please block out sensitive data.



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