Can the Primary Column be set to an auto-increment for forms?


It really bothers me to have to create a form that doesn't have a field that makes sense to use with the Primary Column. Why can't we change it to just be an auto-increment integer or a time-date stamp for forms?

This makes me resist using Smartsheet in favor of Google Forms.


  • Jenn Hilber
    Jenn Hilber Overachievers Alumni

    I like to use the primary column with a column formula. I don’t often include the primary column on a form to gather data. The column formula would allow you to pull data from one column or several (using + or =JOIN or similar). The columns on the form can then be drop downs or dates, or contacts, etc that can be joined to form a single set of information.

    This column is also highly beneficial when creating reports from multiple sheets. The primary column is the only column that doesn’t need to be named the same in multiple sheets when creating a report.

    If you feel very strong about the use case to change the Primary column type, don’t hesitate to put in an enhancement request to Smartsheet.

    I hope that helps. I’d love to see how others use the Primary column.

    Jenn Hilber

    Smartsheet Overachievers Alumni