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Publishing only filtered list to google calendar

I'm having an issues with "Publish to Googgle Calendar". Every time I've publish some task in google from SamrtSheet, SmartSheet publishes everything in my Google calendar instead of publishing the specific tasks assigned to me.

I've attached a detailed description of the issue I'm facing with screenshots.  

Does anyone know the reason for it or how to overcome it.

Thank You in advance. 


Step by Step instruction to recreate the issue is given below;

Step 1: Created a test project a assigned tasks

Created a test project and named it “TEST Project For Google Calendar”. This project has 3 major (Child) Tasks “INTEGRATION”, “TESTING” and “DOCUMENTATION”. Each of these sub tasks has (child) subtasks. See the screen shots below;

See attached

Screen Shot 1: Task List Grid View Before Filter by ‘Assigned To’

Screen Shot 2: Task List Calendar View Before Filter by ‘Assigned To’

Step 2: Filter by specific project contributor

I want to push/publish the tasks assigned to specific contributors, not all task to all contributors google calendar. I’d used the filter option to filter the tasks

assigned to specific employee. Both the grid view and calendar view showed only the tasks assigned to specific employee and hide the parent rows (not assigned

to any specific person). See the screenshot below;

Screen Shot 3: Task List Grid View After Filter by ‘Assigned To’

Screen Shot 4: Task List Calendar View After Filter by ‘Assigned To’

Step 3: Publish to Google calendar

I’ve used the “Publish to google Calendar” option to publish only the filtered calendar to push/publish in my google calendar.

Screen Shot 5 : Publish to Google Calendar

Result: Google Calendar View

For some unknown reason, Smartsheet pushed everything including the parent rows of each and every sub task/ Sub-subtasks in my google calendar. I was

expecting Smartsheet will only push the same calendar view it displayed before publishing (Screen shot 4).

Screen Shot 6: All tasks (not assigned to specific contributor) including Parent and Header are published to google calendar


06 All the task including Parents are updated in Google Calendar.png

01 Task List Grid View before filter.png

05 Publish to Google Calendar 1.png

04 Task List Calendar View After filter.png

02 Task List Calendar View before filter.png

03 Task List Grid View After filter by assigned to.png


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