Intranet in Smartsheet - Anyone Successful in Transitioning Policies and Procedures

I am attempting to transition our current Intranet over to Smartsheet and the biggest hurdle I currently have is around Policies and Procedures. We are a ISO certified company so document control is a important issue for us. Our current platform allows for linking within one procedure to possible several other procedures, forms, etc.

Has anyone been successful in building an entire Intranet platform within Smartsheet itself? Specifically to anyone who needs good document control. Also curious what platform you use for your document repository to link from Smartsheet (OneDrive, DropBox, etc.) and what your opinions are on which one works best.


  • Dietmar Schmitz
    Dietmar Schmitz Overachievers Alumni

    Hi Colin,

    That is a tricky topic. I'm also a quality manager and now the problems with documentation and process descriptions.

    You can create a Procedure repository with all relevant document information (release date, owner, review cycle...) and simply attach the current version to a specific row. This will help you with the versioning of the documents.

    E.g. You have a Audit Procedure. You create the document, create a new row in your repository, fill in all the required information (see above) and than attach it to the row.

    But before finally attaching I would use the proof functionallity to get it approved by the audience, reviewer...

    Alternatively you need a file share system (SharePoint) or online platform where the document has its own link you can add to smartsheet.

    Hope that helps.