How to create a request order form for multiple items/quantities

Hello Smartsheet Community,

The basic order form from the "Workforce PPE Inventory Tracking" template set only allows one item and quantity entry per row per and per request tracking number. Is it possible to add/associate multiple items and quantities in multiple rows to one request tracking number?

The basic order form format assumes either the customer only wants to purchase one item or the customer is willing to input a multi-item purchase one line item at a time and by utilizing the single entry form multiple times, thus resulting in a different tracking number per item for one complete order.

How would I build a Smartsheet form that will accommodate multi-item orders, by placing each order item and its quantity in separate rows on the request sheet, while associating all row items in the order with one tracking number and by one-time data entry to the request sheet form? 

Please advise.

   Angela B.