Can multiple users make updates at the same time to a report with a 'has any' 'current user' filter?



I have multiple Smartsheet files with around 1000 rows that each involves around 20 assigned individuals with various technology literacy. Due to assignees various technology literacy and to maintain the integrity of the Smartsheet file, I've created an individual report per assignee that is filtered by their individual name and highlights their tasks for which is linked to the multiple Smartsheet files i.e. around 20 user reports. Recently, I found out that I may be able to use one report for all assignees by using the filter "Assigned to" "has any of" "Current User" for which any registered user can click on the report and the report will populate their tasks.

Question: Can multiple users enter this one report with the filter "Assigned to" "has any of" "Current User" and make updates at the same time? This will help cut down 20 reports to 1 report for any user to go into.

Thank you.