How to calculating the age of a cell in hours

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Background -

I have a Form, which outputs as a row in a Grid, an extract of which is as follows -

The 'Date Raised' column contains a System-generated - Create (Date) value, and the 'Current Date/Time' column contains today's date (using the =TODAY() function).

Problem -

I am trying to find a formula-driven solution, which will populate the 'Task Age (hrs)' column with the difference in hrs between the value in ''Date Raised' and 'Current Date/Time' i.e. time elapsed in hrs.

The purpose of this is to track if a Task has been completed on time e.g. High Priority (4 biz hrs), Medium Priority (8 biz hrs), and Low Priority (24 biz hrs).

As I see it, I have the following obstacles to overcome -

  • Current Date/Time column - Is there a formula (e.g. something that can expand =TODAY()) that will populate the date and time in the same format as the 'Date Raised'' column?
  • Task Age column - if the above is possible, how then would I compute the difference (in hrs) between the 'Date Raised' and ''Current Date/Time' column.

Thank you in advance, for any assistance anyone can offer.


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