Is there a way to record date to an individual cell and not an entire column?


I am attempting to use the Record Date automation to force my sheets to refresh automatically every day, early in the morning. This is to ensure that equations I have using Today(), refresh with today's date. Otherwise on my report pages and dashboards, tasks show an incorrect deadline status based on the old Today() function.

I've found that if I use a hidden column and 'record date' that I am able to refresh the sheets daily. The only problem is that I also use a formula for 'complete date' when a 'complete' box in the column prior is selected. If any changes are made to the entire row after this box is selected, it updates to that day (another Today() equation).

Because of this I am wondering if I can have the 'Record a date' function ONLY populate a single cell (first row, last column for example) that won't trigger every row to update?

Otherwise I'll have to make the complete date manual entry and keep record date automation to still populate every spreadsheet as this functionality has more utility than automatically updating complete date.

Thank you in advance.

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