Design Question

I have taken over management of our sheets for my department and have been trying to redesign them to make them more fluid, functional and all around nicer and implement it at the start of the year.

We use Smartsheets for construction projects. We maintain a bid list of all projects bidding and ones that have bid during the year. Would anyone else happen to use it for the same thing and could provide some design feedback? It is not quite project management as we are not managing anything except the bidding on the job itself and only 3 main aspects at that (lighting, power distribution and misc material). Once it gets awarded to us, our in house PM software takes it from there.

The main problem I seem to be having is each job has quite a bit of info and I can't figure out how to setup the sheets to have all of it while also making them usable for reporting.

I can't show any data due to privacy concerns but here is a snip of the current sheets columns to give an idea of what I am working with.

There are tons of rows further right that are hidden to allow any sort of reporting to be done on this mess. Anyone have examples of nicer layouts for something like this?