How to auto populate cells after they are sent to a sheet from a form.

I have a form which requires roughly 10/50 of the columns being filled, since not all of the information is know at time of entry. Each row is one job, and the job has roughly 14 steps in the production process, with other information in each row.

Once the form receives the input, and the input gets sent to a new row in a sheet, how can I auto populate roughly 10 of the columns to show those steps in my process haven't started yet?

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    Good day, @TG_Controls_PM If I understood correctly, this should do the trick:

    • Create a workflow for the sheet
    • Trigger - When rows are added
    • Run workflow - When triggered
    • Condition - None unless you have one
    • Change cell value - select the cells you want to populate
    • Repeat step above

    Fernando Flores | M365 Enterprise Project Manager ✌️ 🍻