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I have an Request Approval workflow on a sheet to request approval for a Credit Memo.

The requestor uses a Smartsheet form to submit the request, the workflow is triggered by the row being added and what type of action caused the need for a request.

Either of two team members can approve the Credit Memo.

The workflow is working fine, but I am trying to figure out how to capture and record the actual approver of the request. Either their name or email.

Any suggestions are appreciated.



  • Hi @Glenn Garrison

    The way I would do this is to set up a System Modified By column in your sheet which will identify the email address of the user who modified the row (ex. by clicking "Approve" from the Approval email).

    The Modified column will adjust as soon as any modifications are made to the cell, so I would then set up another Contact Column to house the Approver Contact in a static way, using the "Assign People" workflow, like so:

    This workflow will only trigger based on the Approve or Decline from the Approval workflow, and it uses Condition Blocks to check the Modified By column for the correct each for each contact. Does that make sense?



  • Thank you I will give this approach a try.


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