Send to Contacts in a cell VS Send to Specific People


I created a form and want mulpile people to be able to submit a request. Once the request is approved I want the person that send the request to recieved the notification that is was approved. The only option that I see is " Send to Contacts in a Cell" and "Send to Specific People". I don't want everyone that submitted the request to see what was approved just the person that submitted it.


  • aubrey.moore

    What I do for this is on the form have a column for requestor (person who is submitting the form) on the form I do turn on the validation that requires it to be an email.

    Once that is set you send the notification to the contact in the requestor cell once it has been approved I assume there is some sort of trigger for approval.

    When you send them the message you can choose to only send a message without a link to any of the other cells of information.

    With that workflow, it is already set up to an only email that contacts the information in their specific row.

  • markh10
    markh10 ✭✭
    edited 10/07/22

    @aubrey.moore @Andrée Starå @Paul Newcome

    I am having a similar problem. I have a column that has the email address aka the requestor and want to setup the automation so that the requestor gets notification that we have received their submitted ticket.

    So it seems the only way to do this is via Send to contacts in a cell option. But the only contact in the drop down of the Send to contacts in a cell is Assigned to.

    How can I get it to also have the Requestor email address which I have in my sheet?

  • gbruss101


    The column with the contact email address' in it - right click and change the column type to Contact List

    Hope that helps

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